high density WiFi for conferences and trade shows

When it comes to providing WiFi for conferences, trade shows, conventions and other events with large groups of people, there are several factors that are critical. With so many people crammed into a small geographical footprint, you can guarantee that WiFi frequencies will be over crowded. When wireless congestion occurs, most WiFi solutions simply cannot cope. This is because the noise and congestion from foreign access points and user BYOD WiFi devices are choking out your wireless signal.


In situations like these, the only way to provide a signal to users on congested WiFi is to create a wireless beam that is smarter, stronger and more powerful than all others. By doing so, WiFi endpoints such as smartphones, tablets and laptops gravitate toward the strongest signal. If you consistently provide the strongest signal in a crowed environment, connectivity is maintained and end devices can communicate on the wireless network without interruption. 

In addition the Ruckus system bandsteers 5.8Ghz capable devices to the less crowded spectrum.  You iPad2+, MacBook and other devices with a 5.8Ghz radio will have a speedramp onto the Internet without having to contend with 2.4Ghz devices.

There are several different methods wireless vendors use to get that "strongest signal" advantage in crowded WiFi areas, but by far the best company in the business is Ruckus Wireless and that's why Keenan Systems recommends Ruckus for conferences, road shows, conventions and other events where WiFi signal overcrowding is always going to be a problem.

 We sell kits that feature the Ruckus ZoneFlex 7982. Designed for high-capacity environments, the ZoneFlex 7982 is the only 802.11n access point equipped with a patented, dual-polarized adaptive antenna array. Additionally, their enterprise-class high performance chipset, is capable of supporting up to 500 concurrent clients. -- In other words, Ruckus has designed a WiFi access point that combines a built-in revolutionary antenna system along with a chipset that overcomes congestion and interference to provide the best connectivity and highest rates in even the most congested settings. Independent studies have shown the technology to be up to 4x better than competition including Cisco and Aruba and Meraki. And the best part, it's considerably cheaper that other enterprise WiFi solutions -- especially Cisco.

Want proof? Just take a look at a Tom's Hardware study that specifically looked at WiFi performance in highly congested areas.




On a single congested WiFi network with 60 connected end devices, Ruckus easily out-performed all competitors on both download and upload throughput speeds at 5GHz:

Additionally, we previously talked about wireless signal "consistency" and how this single factor determines the "strongest signal" advantage. In the Tom's Hardware study, you can see this consistency shining though as downlink and uplink throughput is a consistent straight line over time.



The steady performance is primarily due to the far more advanced and intelligent beam-forming antenna system built-in to all Ruckus access points. Without the advanced antenna, you will get highly erratic WiFi connectivity as the other wireless vendors show:


So if you need a WiFi solution that can be rapidly deployed and works in heavily congested areas, you've come to the right place as our Ruckus ZoneFlex 7982 for your next conference, trade show, convention or just about any other setting you can think of. When it has to work everywhere, you can count on Keenan Systems and Ruckus.


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