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What's Going On?

Enterprises have been looking for a solution that will better enable mobility. Saving on wiring costs and unleashing productivity, Wi-Fi has been the technology of choice.

What's Been Done?

Enterprise WLAN solutions have been in the market for a few years now, beginning with legacy autonomous (or independent) access points (APs) up to the more complex controller-based solutions.

What's Required?

Enterprises of all sizes are frustrated with common connectivity and reliability issues: lack of signal and infrequent erratic signals. Most enterprise WLAN solutions focus on management and security, resulting in highly complex systems that lack signal reliability. But what customers really want is wireless that works! Enterprise-size users are looking for a feature-rich solution that will be simple to install, reliable, affordable, and can scale.

What are the Options?

Mid-size enterprises can choose between (1) high-end enterprise solutions designed for Fortune 500 companies that tend to be very complex and cumbersome as well as expensive; and (2) consumer APs that were built for homes and small offices but are difficult to manage, unreliable, and lack basic features.

But what about the unfortunate 50,000? The companies of a size between the home user and the Fortune 500 need a solution appropriate for their needs.

What's the Solution?

Ruckus ZoneFlex is the first powerful and simple "Smart WLAN" solution purpose-built for mid-size enterprises and hot zone operators. Ruckus ZoneFlex products offer:

  • Effortless everything - Pluggable, meshable, easy to install/expand, Wizard-based configuration, automatic client administration, and advanced security, simplified.
  • Best Wi-Fi on the planet - WLAN-wide optimum signal path selection, WLAN-wide interference avoidance, WLAN-wide automatic RF coordination.
  • Unmatched price/value - Unprecedented CAPEX savings, lowest OPEX, and breakthrough feature/functionality.

Product Solutions:


Ruckus ZoneFlex System