Ruckus ZoneFlex Multimedia Applications


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What's Going On?

As more and more content reaches consumers over digital broadband networks, distributing it around the home has become a major pain point for service providers around the globe. Users are now consuming conventional content, such as television, music, and more on new multimedia-enabled mobile devices of all shapes and sizes.

What's Been Done?

Having built high-speed networks based on VDSL and FTTH technologies, service providers can provide 10 to 100 mbps or more broadband capacity thereby enabling a host of new digital services - such as high definition IPTV, multimedia gaming, and voice over IP.

What's Required?

Because content now comes into the premises over the broadband connection and is wrapped in the Internet Protocol, a computer network within the home is now required. This is often a daunting reality for consumers, and providers.

What are the Options?

While some homes are equipped with coaxial cabling and even Ethernet cabling, these technologies aren't ubiquitous and the cost, time, and disruption of cabling homes is often a non-starter for everyone. Running a computer network over the power lines inside homes is another alternative, but isn't always reliable and still doesn't support wireless devices such as laptops, and emerging UMA phones.

What's the Solution?

Wi-Fi represents the best and most promising alternative to solving these problems if, and only if, it can be made reliable, long range, and fast. Ruckus Wireless has developed 802.11a/b/g/n systems specifically designed for whole-home distribution of multimedia content and services. Purpose-built for service providers, all of these systems are equipped with an advanced and patented smart antenna array and a quality of service engine that automatically prioritizes traffic, and directs Wi-Fi signals over the best possible RF path in real time - avoiding and mitigating interference that causes packet loss.

What is the solution?

Ruckus ZoneFlex System